Catch Basins

Improper water drainage is a leading cause of asphalt decay.  Catch basins are strategically installed to provide adequate and correct drainage off parking lot surfaces.  Because so much water flows around and through them, catch basins are also especially vulnerable to water damage and need to be monitored and repaired on a regular basis.   A failing catch basin will actually accelerate asphalt deterioration.  A properly repaired catch basin will increase the useful life of your parking lot while reducing the possibility of liability and vehicle damage.

At Accumark we rebuild catch basins using solid cement blocks that are more durable than fieldstone or red brick.  “We supply and install new precast or metal tops, preserving the existing grate whenever possible, and carefully repair and carefully repair and seal the surrounding asphalt to grade, ensuring proper water management.  Our masons are true craftsmen giving you a reliable and great looking product.

Getting an estimate is easy.  Just give us a call.  We’re here to help you and your parking lot look great, be safe – and of course, to save you money.