Asphalt repairs are necessary for areas where cracks are too large to fill, potholes have developed, or where roots or water have damaged the surface.  Patching these smaller areas before they require repaving is a budget-smart means to prolonging the usefulness, safety and appearance of your lot.

Accumark’s repair process begins with a clean saw-cut outside the edges of the visible damage as most asphalt problems begin below the surface and extend beyond the width of the apparent holes and cracks.  We remove and recycle all of the decayed asphalt, inspect the sub-base for threats such as tree roots or drainage issues and remediate as needed.  Next the area is filled with new hot mix, which is then compacted to grade. Lastly we tar seal the edges to prevent moisture penetration.   The final results are long lasting and visually appealing.

Getting an estimate is easy.  Just give us a call.  We’re here to help you and your parking lot look great, be safe – and of course, to save you money.